Road Trip With Web Cottages


Road Trip With Web Cottages

There are lots of really nice routes for a scenic drive in the UK from Snowdonia, to Glencoe there's nothing like putting your favourite album on and cruising around taking in some breathtaking scenery. 

Why do a road trip? Well if you have booked a cottage you most probably will have decided to drive, making your time at the cottage more flexible. No timetables, no schedules, no nothing. You can do whatever you want and you don’t need to plan where you are going. Be spontaneous and take that detour, you never know what you could discover.

                                                        The journey is the destination, a road trip is an adventure.

Snowdonia has some great scenic roads, with plenty of places to stop if you want to have a picnic, experience a local pub or just simply take a photograph of the amazing view.

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There are some great photo stops in the Glen, why not take a drive to appreciate Glencoe's fantastic scenery.

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St Ives down to Lands End offers stunning scenery and an atmospheric journey as it goes past very ancient granite walled fields on the coastal plateau and the interior moors on the left, whilst plenty of small quiet hamlets provide idyllic stops for refreshments.

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The ring of Kerry in Ireland has plenty of fantastic stops like this Ladies view approximately 16 km from the town of Killarney, displays panoramic views of the three lakes and primary mountains.

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One of the bendiest roads in the UK, the Cat and Fiddle is named after the inn at its summit offering amazing views over Manchester, as well as Cheshire and the Peak District Park. This is a great little stop being dog friendly also serving food and some evenings has live music entertainment. This is the 2nd highest pub in England.

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Cheddar Gorge is great if you fancy having a cruise through this area, it's known for its distinctive local cider. The Cheddar Gorge is full of attractions and not too far from Bristol, or the coast.

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The Route Napoleon opened in 1932, when Napoleon began his journey to overthrow Louis the 18th. The route itself begins in Grasse and takes you to Grenoble over 150km away, making its way through the Alps. The road is fantastically designed, with swift corners and great scenery. The historical aspect makes this road even better.

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