Love Is In The Air!


Last Minute Romantic Breaks For Valentine's Day.

“Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.”
–Harriet Van Horne

A romantic dinner for two is the go to Valentine’s outing for most couples but do you really want to spend your evening in a restaurant packed with tables for two, ordering from an overpriced and romantically contrived menu? Try something a little but different tonight and sign up for a cooking course as a couple and learn how to whip up your partners favourite meal. This is the gift that keeps on giving and you’ll both be able to indulge each other with your newly learned skills all year long. There are gourmet cooking courses held up and down the country, with every type of cuisine available. Fellas, if you really want to get in her good books consider a gourmet chocolate making experience for two!

“A meal without wine is like a life without love.”

It’s pretty safe to say that wine will be an integral part of many meals this evening. Sitting together by the fire with a glass of wine is the ultimate in romance for many couples. While you may enjoy your evening glass of wine, how much do you really know about Dionysus’ favourite tipple? Spend a few hours together this evening learning about the technicalities of wine making and tasting. You’ll be able to wow all of your friends at the next dinner party with your new found vino expertise, and you’ll have learned it all together. Some of the skills you’ll learn at a wine tasting course include regional distinctions, correct wine tasting methods, and how to select the correct wine for different meals. Don’t worry if you can’t organize a course for tonight, a voucher for the two of you to redeem later is just as thoughtful.

“We love because it's the only true adventure”
-Nikki Giovanni

Why not add some excitement to your relationship and take on a thrilling new activity that you can enjoy together. We’re not talking golf or walking here, though those are perfectly lovely activities, if you really want to get your blood racing and heart beating you need to think bigger! Rock climbing is a great activity for couples and you can even enjoy it in the depths of winter at an indoor climbing centre. If heights aren’t your cup of tea why not try going below sea level with a scuba diving course? You may not look your sexiest in the mask and fins but those wetsuits are pretty snazzy! You can even try out your new skills close to home as the UK and Ireland both have some great scuba diving locations. You might want to wait until the weather is a bit warmer for that though.

No matter what you decide to do for your partner this Valentine’s Day it really is the thought that counts. As long as it’s from the heart then no one can be unhappy. If you just can’t go home empty handed this evening we have your back here at Web Cottages, we always have great last minute cottage deals!