There has been a clear rise in bookings for Devon and Somerset this year and we think it is all thanks to the popular programme Broadchurch, back on ITV with a second series.

It all starts in West Bay, Bridport, on the golden cliff where the body of a murdered boy is found in the first series. The popular drama is based in the village of Clevedon, with the crime solving duo David Tennant and Olivia Colman. The show revolves around how the shocking news and events of the young man’s death affect his family and the small and close community of the village.

So, what is it about Broadchurch that has captivated a huge audience? We think it's the natural beauty of the Jurassic Coast, along with the majestic cliffs, the landscape itself oozes drama along with the sea and the beach, key elements of the story.

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Broadchurch’s nightclub and taxi rank, which will be featured in series two, are actually found in the Dorset seaside town of Weymouth.

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Exeter University will also make an appearance in this series, standing in for Wessex Crown Court and Wessex Police Headquarters.

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