What Are You Up To This Weekend?


What Are You Up To This Weekend?

“So, what are you up to this weekend?” The dreaded question you get asked every Friday afternoon by your work colleagues. Just as bad is “did you have a good weekend?” on a Monday morning when you’re back in the office. It particularly smarts if you didn’t really do much with your weekend except potter around the same old local shops.

How Much Does Your Typical Weekend Cost?

What’s more, pottering around the local shops can be expensive. By the time you’ve had a pit stop at the coffee shop, bought a few things, had lunch, bought a few more things and sorted your meal out for the evening, you find yourself breaking into more and more of the notes you got out from the cash machine at the beginning of the day. If you then do something really outrageous in the evening like go to the cinema where the same soft drinks you buy at the supermarket cost 4 times as much and where the ticket prices seem to be suffering from Zimbabwean levels of inflation, you can wave goodbye to the last of the notes in your wallet/purse. Indeed, spending money is the easiest thing in the world to do, especially when you’re let loose from your 9 to 5 Monday to Friday and have time to fill at the weekend. A quick, very unscientific survey of the office suggests that most couples and families spend £200 to £300+ on a Saturday and Sunday, when everything is taken into account. Sound excessive or does it ring true for you?

Do Something Different – For The Same Amount Of Money!

The whole point of this blog is that, when you add it all up, you spend roughly the same amount of money doing the same old thing at the weekend as you would getting into the car and going on a discounted last minute weekend break. Rather than traipsing around the all-too-familiar high street, why not do something different and enjoy a change of scene in the countryside or by the coast? Have a browse of our cottages with a special offer and compare the prices of a mini-break with what you think you will spend this weekend – you may be surprised!