New Year Cottages


New Year Cottages

 New Year's Day is the most celebrated day of the year, when we remember last year’s achievements and failures and look forward to the promise of a new year, and new beginnings. From London to Sydney similarities arise, people want to be more active, lose weight, generally be healthier by exercising more and smoking less, achieve more in their working life and personal life, become better people.

So when the fireworks and champagne toasts are over, we all become more serious about life. We take stock and plan new courses of action to better our lives, by making resolutions.

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We all know the celebration as New Year however Scotland celebrate Hogmanay, it's years of tradition inherited from the Vikings. Why should a tall dark stranger be a welcome first foot visitor after midnight, carrying a lump of coal and a slice of black bun? This is to ensure good luck for the house, the first foot should be male, dark (believed to be a throwback to the Viking days when blonde strangers arriving on your doorstep meant trouble) and should bring symbolic coal, shortbread, salt, black bun and whisky. And these traditions do still continue today. Hogmanay is also celebrated with parties that involve singing (For Auld Lang Syne), dancing, eating of steak pie or stew, storytelling and drink and they usually extend into the daylight hours Lang may yer lum reek!

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Over in France, New Year's Eve is usually celebrated with a feast, customarily includes special dishes including foie gras, seafood such as oysters, and champagne. The French celebrate the New Year a little more sedately than we do here in the UK, with a more relaxing start to the New Year.

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Here at Web Cottages we offer a variety of holidays to suit all, so why not book a holiday for 2015 whilst January always presents the blues, having a holiday to look forward too is definitely a positive for mind, body and soul.

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Fill your glasses and celebrate life to the brim with values–and drink deep to your life and the joy that it can and should be. Happy New Year from the Web Cottages Team
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