Herbal Cottages


Herbal Cottages

Herbs are used for flavouring, food, medicine & perfume. Did you know that they have more antioxidants then most fruit and vegetables? They can help cleanse, regulate and nourish the body, aswell as give out lovely soothing smells to help people relax.

The great news is that they are easy to grow, whether it's in containers in a sunny place on your balcony, or in the garden. Have a look at a couple of cottages that allow you to use their naturally grown herbs at the cottage.

Asphodel Cottage (Ref. 13356) A low-walled orchard with apples and plums together with a herb garden of parsley, sage, sorrel, fennel, rocket, strawberries and mint.


Primrose (Ref. 10913) An oak stable door opens out from the sitting area of this Kings Nympton cottage onto the private patio and garden, where herbs can be picked from the raised beds.


There are some great places to shop that specialise in herbs. Have a look at this fabulous shop called                 The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight

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There are also some other fabulous finds like the Red Chilli Shop in Somerset or Wall Tomatoes in Kent and the amazing shop for Lavender in the Cotswolds.