First Impressions Count


First Impressions Count

If you are a proud owner of a holiday cottage, it is vital to create a great first impression, and part of that is how you welcome your holiday cottage guests. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Self Catering holidays have come a long way from being the mainstay for families who didn't want to stay in a hotel. Even experienced world travellers are now making a conscious decision to book a holiday rental for the freedom and flexibility that it offers. That doesn't mean that guests expect less then the standards of a hotel, it just means they are more savvy about the benefits.

One of the best bits about any holiday is that very first time you step inside the cottage, the anticipation of the welcome you are about to get.

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Here are some helpful tips to make their stay even more memorable and hopefully have customers returning time and time again.

For mums and dads a really great introduction is a welcome for the children, this may help keep the children occupied so that the mums and dads can unpack (for food items remember that organic and free from colouring or flavouring are your best options.)

Do you allow pets at your cottage? If so a canine treat is always happily greeted by both dogs, and humans.

How about a homemade cake to go with their first cup of tea, or coffee. If you’re not a keen Mary Berry enthusiast then how about offering some local produce. For the more cost effective ideas how about growing your own vegetables, or a herb garden.

Some customers may be choosing the cottage for a special occasion, honeymoon, birthday, anniversary etc and if you do happen to know this in advance perhaps a nice card, fresh flowers or a bottle of Prosecco would be a nice touch.

If you would prefer to look at non food items what about a cuddly toy for the kids (maybe even made with the cottage logo) or even your own branded postcards so they can take home as a keepsake and show to their friends, word of mouth goes a long way.

How about working with local suppliers to include their free samples and gifts in a welcome pack, in return for promoting their products? Is there a theme park nearby where you can get some discount vouchers? Offering tips for the local area goes a long way in enticing customers to really enjoy the experience of the area as well as the cottage.

Finally, none of the above is expected and are simply ideas in which you can just add that little bit to the overall experience, remember one of the best welcomes you can give, is a smile.

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