Come Dine With Me In A Cottage


Come Dine With Me In A Cottage

With the ever increasing distractions of modern day life it's even more important to spend quality time with friends and family, and perhaps the best opportunity is at the dinner table.

Dining together is an important chance to catch up on what everyone has been doing, quality time with the family. When we have special occasions or birthdays it's great to invite all generations to join in, it's less expensive then dining out & possibly a healthier option. Meals are for nourishment, comfort and support - food is better eaten with the people we love!

We have listed some of our favourite properties offering great fantastic dining opportunities, you could even hold your own come dine with me.

Broadsands (Ref.5796) Broadsands, Devon

dining 5796 salcombe

Harbour Watch (Ref.14295) Salcombe, Devon.  

14295 - salcombe

The Hall (Ref.13906) Belford, Northumbria.

13906 northumbria

Bull Pen (Ref.16610) Graythwaite, Lake District.

16610 bull pen

Clos Tonerre (Ref.8198) Burgundy, France.

France 8198

Telford House (Ref. 9135) Bangor, North Wales.

North wales 9135